Day 17: Dust to Dawson

Day miles: 0
Trip miles: 4790

Dust to Dawson 2011Today was filled with motorcycle stories, drinking, and games. The D2D isn’t a rally, it’s a gathering; mostly of adventure motorcycles. A small group started having a regular ride, and it grew and grew. The ride still happens, but just being in the city with everyone is really the main event.

The saloon had wireless internet and beer, and I spent the whole day nearby. Occasionally I chatted with other riders, but mostly I read while uploading photos in the morning. The main entertainment is when they shut down the street outside the saloon, everyone lines up their bikes and we watch the games. How far can you ride your motorcycle while blindfolded? Can your passenger throw two water balloons over an overhead line and catch them or take a bite out of a hanging hotdog without you stopping? How slow can you ride, or how tight of a slalom can you do? It was all in good fun.

I spent some time wandering around inspecting the different bikes and their kit. I tried to get a ride on a riverboat but it wasn’t a convenient schedule, so mostly it was a recovery day.

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